BC Student Experience

Introducing the BC Student Experience – Continuing the tradition of the BC Student Forum

The BC Student Experience initiative stems from our strong desire to engage and equip the next generation. To make this desire a reality, we are continuing our 13-year tradition of inviting students to attend the BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast. In 2016, we transitioned from Student Forum to Student Experience, thus providing students the opportunity to take part in even more of the BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

What does the BC Student Experience include?


BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast (7:15 – 9:00am)

  • Join over 1,000 guests as we celebrate the Annual BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast. Hear from our keynote speaker, enjoy stimulating conversation, delicious food. This event is valuable for any student.


Q&A (9:15 – 10:00am)

  • Round off your experience with a Q&A time featuring keynote speaker.


As a student you have constant draws on your time and money – we understand. Our Student Pricing is only $40, which includes the Breakfast and Q&A Discussion.

Tickets for the 2018 BCSE HERE

For more information, please email info@bcleadership.ca or call 604-687-7292.