About Us

Our Mission:

Beyond the economic, political and social fabric there is another strand in the city – the spiritual. City in Focus exists to serve the spiritual needs of Vancouver through compassion, conversation and connection. We believe that this mission goes beyond boundaries of age, denomination, faith, gender, ethnic and social status. With that in mind, we care for soul of the city by reaching out and providing resources to the individual, the social group, the racial group and the age group. We develop relationships with business leaders and connect them with ministries serving the community of Vancouver.


Network people with churches and non-profit organizations.
Facilitate group events and retreats to discuss spiritual and social issues.
Connect churches with each other for joint ministry or projects.
Gather philanthrophic and special interest groups.
Join the City of Vancouver with Christian ministries to tackle social issues.
Counsel and assist individuals in need.

Our History:

City in Focus started as one chaplain with passion for the City of Vancouver. He desired to care for the people of Vancouver and connect them with the Christian faith. Twenty-Five years later, this passion grew into a vast agency that develops new initiatives for the soul of Vancouver. This has included the BC Leadership Prayer Breakfast: a significant annual event in the life of our city and province with more than 1000 leaders attending each year.

Louise TischhauserVice President, Director of Ministries  (louise@cityinfocus.ca)

Louise is an ordained Minister of Religion and moved from Australia to Canada with her family over 4 years ago. She works part-time for City in Focus and spends the other part of her life on Soulkitchen a non-profit project founded by Louise and her husband,Hannes.

Nova Leaf  Events Manager (nova@cityinfocus.ca)

Nova manages the British Columbia Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Talks with Tom Series and other events for City in Focus. In the other part of her life, Nova works with non profits and businesses on event planning. She is a Warden at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Vancouver.

Tom CooperPresident and Founder (tom@cityinfocus.ca)

For the past twenty five years, Tom has served as President of City in Focus. Tom has spear-headed this chaplaincy by caring for the soul of the city though the dynamic connections with business, political and faith communities of Vancouver. Tom is a Minister of Religion ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Tom and his wife Karen have three children and two grandchildren, Austin and Adela.

Nathaniel Bentley – Coordinator of Engage  (nathaniel@cityinfocus.ca)

Nathaniel heads up, Engage, our Young Professional and Student work. He holds a Masters in Management from Sauders School of Business.


Valeria Vergani

 Office Manager


 Coordinator of  Church and Interfaith Relations 


Valeria carries out a number of operational, organizational, and administrative tasks for City in Focus. She was born and raised in Verona, Italy, and holds a BA in religious studies, with a focus on faith & community, from Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC.