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We are actively looking for organizations to partner with to serve the City of Vancouver. Our central purpose has always been to “care for the soul of the city.” To this end, we enable a diverse cross-section of Associates to work in affiliation with City in Focus as they minister in the marketplace. We do this through pastoral work, events, and discipleship. A person or organization can become a member of the CIF association. Please contact our office if you are interested.

As a Partner, you will receive:

Key Advantages:

  • Endorsements, recognition and promotion of your ministry
  • Participation in the City in Focus monthly calendar delivered to over 3000 names
  • Invitations to periodic associate gatherings and retreats
  • Your name and ministry on the City in Focus website with link to your donation site
  • Access to a charity tax number for events or special occasions
  • Credibility through affiliation with City in Focus
  • Ministry resources
  • Recognition within City in Focus to the wider community
  • Access to the City in Focus office
  • Event networking

Partner Application

The annual fee is $1200. To inquire, call 604-687-7292 or email


Become a Partner

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