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Tom's Newsletter August 2013
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Monday, 26 August 2013 13:50


August 2013

Dear Friends,

I am often asked; what does City in Focus do? The answer: “We care for the soul of the city”. City in Focus (CIF) for over a quarter of a century has engaged Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Province spiritually, socially, and philanthropically. One may not see the name City in Focus but its invisible hand is widespread.
How does this happen? To make a city work we must address the variety of needs of the citizens. Business, government, social services, non-profit agencies and philanthropy each play an important role in contributing to a healthy society. But there is another strand in the fabric of the city: The spiritual.
This is why City in Focus exists. How do we do it?
We CARE Our pastoral staff is a SPIRITUAL RESOURCE to thousands of people both working and living in the city and the lower mainland. Our 14 chaplains work with fire departments, residents of low barrier housing, abused women, the next generation, and professionals in business, government, academic and social service. • From mental anguish, to family issues to business pressures we are there to listen.
We CONNECT We are called a GATEWAY because we host gatherings representing many different non-profits and business leaders. We connect people or groups who otherwise would never meet. • CIF chaired the More Than Gold 2010 Olympic initiative representing 1100 churches and 100 non profits • We host gatherings ranging from First Nation issues, to victims of family abuse, to mental health to the environmental crisis • We run the largest provincial prayer breakfast in Canada • CIF is often asked to advise city, provincial, national leaders in business, education and government on social and spiritual matters.
We are a COMPASS. We GIVE GUIDANCE to those facing tough moral or ethical questions • We are a voice of compassion and justice in a market and vote driven world • Our growing program, Company of Disciples engages the next generation offering seminars such as Theology on Tap or Reframe classes with Regent College addressing contemporary issues in work and faith. • Our CIF newsletter on faith and work is read by thousands • we offer small groups (Pods or bible studies) to go deeper relationally and spiritually.
We encourage CHARITY We encourage the wealthy and powerful to assist those in need. In 2011 CIF helped start an independent Stewardship Foundation to NETWORK PHILANTHROPISTS for intelligent, accountable giving to worthy projects. • We helped facilitate the Street to Home foundation – bringing business, political and philanthropic leaders together to address homelessness which resulted in building a 1000 new homes • We advocate the giving of millions of dollars to local, regional and international needs of children, single parents, food, housing, health, education and other non-profit work.
Now you know what City in Focus does. And if you want to be involved in any way, including financially, please call us at 604 687 7292, check out our website at or if you have received an e-newsletter, click here.

Tom Volume 22 Issue 4

Upcoming Event:
CIF Monthly Breakfast on Sept 13, 2013 with Bob and Andrea Gaglardi, Vancouver Club, 915 W. Hastings

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