Caring For The Soul of The City

Join the City in Focus community at 107 East 3rd Avenue!

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We Live Compassion

City in Focus is a group of people who care. We support the individuals, the groups and the city of Vancouver. We provide pastoral care for the individual. We provide mediation for families. And we provide chaplaincy for groups and businesses. Read more about us or check out our blog newsletter.

We Make Connections

City in Focus is a conduit that joins passionate people, business leaders and non-profits for the benefit of our city. We unite the diverse people, companies, churches and social groups who otherwise never meet. Check out our partners or become a partner with City in Focus.

We Begin Conversations

City in Focus is a voice for the social and spiritual needs of Vancouver. We form a platform to discuss social issues, we facilitate the meetings through our events and we encourage the passionate to add their voice to our own. Join the conversation by attending an upcoming eventlistening to our past events or by signing up for our email mailling list.

Donate Online

Support the work of City In Focus through financial partnership.